PlexiPower Battery

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Looking to fly multiple times and capture film uninterrupted by battery recharge time?  Then you are in need of extra PlexiPower Battery Packs.  These packs are high capacity (5800 mAh) batteries that have been specifically designed to maximize flight times on PlexiDrone’s X4 and X8 configuration.  The PlexiPower Battery Pack is interchangeable between PlexiDrone X4 and X8 models.



Don’t Stop Flying

Keep Filming with Extra PlexiPower Batteries

Want to have more flight time with PlexiDrone? Getting another PlexiPower Battery is always an option! Even with PlexiDrone’s excellent flight times, you may desire to continue capturing footage throughout the day. Batteries take time to recharge so with extra batteries you can skip that waiting time and simply continue your aerial footage where you left off.



PlexiPower Battery FAQs

Can I Use the Same Battery on Any PlexiDrone?

All PlexiPower Batteries share the exact same specifications. There is no need to worry about incompatibility between X4 and X8 configurations.

What Color Options are Available for PlexiPower Batteries?

Extra PlexiDrone batteries can be purchased in Black or White color options. However, the battery that comes with your PlexiDrone bundle will be the same color as your PlexiDrone.

Additional information


Push Button On, Smart Battery Monitor, Battery Status LED Indicator, Current Monitor, Voltage Monitor


Lithium Polymer


5800 mAh




600 grams


Black, White

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