PlexiDrone X8 Upgrade

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Looking to fly with cinema-quality cameras like the Sony RX100? Upgrading to the PlexiDrone X8 dual motor system gives you the extra power and performance needed to fly and film like a pro!

PlexiDrone X8 is capable of:

  • 6000 grams of thrust – an extra 40% compared to the X4 configuration
  • generating more thrust which allows PlexiDrone to:
    • carry heavier payloads
    • fly faster
    • withstand heavier gusts and wind
  • being upgraded from the X4 configuration by simply as snapping in PlexiDrone’s X8 Detachable Arms
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Why Upgrade to X8?

Thrust! PlexiDrone X8 generates significantly more thrust than the X4 configuration. At maximum throttle PlexiDrone X8 can generate up to 6000 grams of thrust; an extra 40% compared to the X4 configuration. With the additional thrust PlexiDrone X8 can carry heavier payloads, fly faster and withstand heavier gusts and winds. Finally, the X8 setup increases the overall stability of flight, translating into improved captured footage.

X8 Upgrade FAQs

How do I Upgrade?

The detachable design makes it extremely easy to upgrade from the X4 configuration to the X8 configuration. All you need to do is attach X8 Detachable Arms to your PlexiDrone instead of using the X4 arms, click-click-click…and it’s upgraded. PlexiDrone’s flight controller will detect the arm configuration attached and automatically adjust for its optimal settings.

What is Included in the X8 Upgrade Package?

The X8 Upgrade Package includes one set of PlexiDrone X8 Detachable Arms (2 Left Rotation, 2 Right Rotation) and one set of X8 Propellers (4 CW, 4 CCW).

Is this Upgrade an Addition to my X4?

Yes, if you initially ordered a X4 configuration PlexiDrone and then made the order for the X8 Upgrade you will then receive two sets of arms: one set of X4 and one set of X8.


Additional information

Weight 1200 g
Dimensions 46 × 36 × 28 cm
In the Box

2 x CCW X8 Detachable Arms, 2 x CW X8 Detachable Arms, 4 x CW X8 Propellers, 4 x CCW X8 Propellers

Number of Motors

4 clockwise rotation, 4 counter-clockwise rotation


Black, White

Extra Thrust

The X8 Upgrade provides an additional 40% more thrust than PlexiDrone X4. This allows you to fly in stronger winds, carry more payload, and exceed maximum speeds of 88 KPH (55 MPH)

Upgrade Capabilities

With the additional 40% thrust you can now carry professional quality cameras like the Sony RX100 (II-V) in addition to all the cameras and payloads that the X4 can carry

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