PlexiDrone X8 Ultimate

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Maximize your flying experience with PlexiDrone Ultimate X8 package! PlexiDrone in X8 configuration brings out the maximum speed and performance to handle whichever camera or other custom payload you pair with it! Everything you need to fly fits in PlexiPack HS, and PlexiHub CS makes for an easy flight experience.


PlexiDrone X8 Ultimate bundle includes:

  • PlexiDrone X8
    • Smart Battery
    • Shock-Absorbing Landing Gear
    • Universal Payload Clip
    • 3D Gimbal for GoPro (Camera not included)
    • X8 Detachable Arms
      • X8 Propeller set
  • PlexiHub CS controller
  • PlexiPack HS hard-shell backpack
  • Charger (standard version; Rapid Charger is additional accessory)
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The Portability of a Micro Drone + the Power & Safety of 8 Rotors

The items below are included in the PlexiDrone X8 Ultimate bundle



Extreme Portability to fit Your Life

The PlexiPack HS is designed to maximize PlexiDrone’s portability, ruggedness, and user experience.  A perfectly organized interior allows you to carry everything you need to fly & film in a package so compact it fits in an airplane overhead compartment.



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Simplify flight & enhance your filming

To simplify flight and enhance your filming. The PlexiHub CS is a 3-in-1 device that acts as a controller, ground station, and FPV video receiver. When paired with your smartphone and the PlexiLink App, you will have a wealth of control in the palms of your hands.


Drone + Camera Control Re-imagined.

With the PlexiHub CS, we are redefining how controlling a drone should feel.  The PlexiHub CS has an easy-to-use control scheme with easily accessible camera controls which allow you to line up that perfect shot in a breeze. Coupled with customizable control modes and buttons, flying and filming is made accessible to everyone.




Additional information

Weight 5200 g
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 50 cm
In the Box

1 x PlexiHub CS (Controller), 1 x PlexiPack HS (Hard-Shell Backpack), 1 x Charger, 1 x PlexiDrone X8 which consists of: 1 x PlexiDrone X8 Chassis (Main Body), 4 x X8 Detachable Arms (with 4 x CCW X8 Propellers & 4 x CW X8 Propellers), 1 x 3D Gimbal (for GoPro), 1 x Universal Payload Clip, 1 x Smart Battery

Color Options

Black, White, Limited Edition (Black + Red PlexiPack)

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