PlexiPack HS

$ 279.00

The PlexiPack HS (hard shell) backpack gives PlexiDrone unmatched portability. A rugged hard-shell backpack designed to be smaller than carry-on luggage. Everything needed to fly with PlexiDrone X4 or X8 can be stored inside and then some!  Flying a camera drone means having to carry quite a bit of equipment- let PlexiPack simplify travel by keeping your hands free and protecting your PlexiDrone, accessories, and cameras.


PlexiPack features:

  • Water resistance
  • Crush resistance
  • Fits in an overhead compartment
  • Designed specifically for PlexiDrone


PlexiPack fits:

  • (1) PlexiDrone X4 or X8
    • (1) PlexiDrone chassis
    • four (4) Detachable Arms (X4 or X8)
      • eight (8) Propellers (X4 or X8)
    • one (1) Shock-Absorbing Landing Gear set
    • one (1) of PlexiDrone’s Smart Battery
  • two (2) extra, so three (3) altogether, of PlexiDrone’s Smart Battery
  • eight (8) additional Propellers
  • one (1) PlexiHub CS controller
  • one (1) Universal Payload Clip
  • one (1) payload e.g. camera & gimbal
  • up to two (2) mobile devices (e.g. including up to size of large tablet)


True Portability Designed to fit Your Life.

There are many claims to Portability in the drone space. Then there is True Portability of the PlexiDrone product line. We believe that technology should adjust to fit your lifestyle, and not the other way around. Our team of industrial designers and engineers have been guided by this belief in every aspect of PlexiDrone’s design.

Powerful Tech Made Compact

Where others have compromised power and performance to sell portability, we refused to compromise and bring you a PlexiDrone with more raw thrust but with the compact form factor of a micro-drone. With PlexiDrone you don’t compromise on speed, thrust, wind resistance or camera capability for the sake of portability.

PlexiDrone X8 + Cinema Gimbal + 4K Sony RX100 V Camera

Carry Everything in One Small Package

PlexiPack fits your PlexiDrone X8 which of course includes its four arms and landing gear. There are also dedicated compartments to hold the PlexiHub CS controller and the Universal Payload Clip along with a payload (e.g. gimbal and camera). In addition to these core components PlexiPack also holds two additional units of PlexiDrone’s Smart Battery (one being inside PlexiDrone already for three in total), eight more Propellers and one or two large mobile devices such as tablets.

No Tools Required. 1-Minute Assembly.

Fold-able designs are not modular. PlexiDrone’s Detachable Arms, Universal Payload Clip, Shock-Absorbing Landing Gear, and Propellers allow you to completely switch out components and keep flying hassle-free.

Snap-Fit Detachable Arms

Payload Clip with Quick Release Trigger

 Snap-fit Landing Gear + Stainless Steel Quick Release Pins

Modular Design = Easy Upgrades 

The unique modular design is the core of PlexiDrone and is what allows you to upgrade your PlexiDrone X4 to become a PlexiDrone X8 in literally seconds. If you acquire a set of X8 configuration Detachable Arms then simply swap those in place of your X4 arms. PlexiDrone’s flight controller recognizes this change and optimizes its settings for the X8 configuration automatically.

PlexiDrone Portability FAQs


How much can I fit into PlexiPack? 

PlexiPack is a carry-on sized backpack specially designed for PlexiDrone. You can fit one (1) PlexiDrone chassis, four (4) Detachable Arms, eight (8) Propellers, three (3) of PlexiDrone’s Smart Battery, one (1) Shock-Absorbing Landing Gear set, one (1) PlexiHub CS controller, one (1) Universal Payload Clip and payload (e.g. camera & gimbal), and up to two (2) mobile devices (e.g. including up to size of large tablet).

What Exactly Can be Assembled in One Minute? 

In less than one minute you can unzip PlexiPack and assemble PlexiDrone while doing so. Simply pull out the Shock-Absorbing Landing Gear and pop that in on both sides then pull out the Detachable Arms and triple-click those in. Then attach your payload via the quick-release Universal Payload Clip and your PlexiDrone is ready to fly!

Additional information

Weight 3300 g
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 35 cm
PlexiPack Color

Black, Pink, Red, White

Textile Features

Padded leather handle, ergonomic backing with form fitting shape, adjustable sternum strap, media compartment, quick access battery compartment, adjustable shoulder straps


14 in x 9 in x 22 in, fits easily in airplane overhead compartment


4 lbs (1.8 Kg)

Hard Shell

Composite reinforced, water resistant, crush resistant

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