PlexiHub CS (Controller)

$ 549.00

PlexiHub CS is designed to truly simplify flying and filming with a form factor and control interface akin to that of a standard game controller. Easily switch between flight modes, share operation with another operator, and truly make flying and filming accessible to everyone with the PlexiHub CS controller.


PlexiHub CS is three devices in one:

  • Flight controller
  • Hub for swarm mode
  • FPV video receiver


PlexiHub CS can hold:

  • Virtually all smartphones
  • Compact tablets
  • Android & iOS devices


Why Upgrade to PlexiHub CS?

To simplify flight and enhance your filming. PlexiHub CS is a 3-in-1 device that acts as a controller, ground station, and FPV video receiver. When paired with your smartphone and the PlexiLink App, you will have a wealth of control in the palms of your hands.



Drone + Camera Control Re-imagined.

With PlexiHub CS, we are redefining how controlling a drone should feel. The PlexiHub CS controller has an easy-to-use control scheme with easily accessible camera controls which allow you to line up that perfect shot in a breeze. Coupled with customizable control modes and buttons, flying and filming is made accessible to everyone.



Benefits of Acquiring a Second PlexiHub CS Controller

Dual Operator Mode A: Dedicated Pilot + Dedicated Camera Operator

With PlexiHub CS you are not limited to two hands. Even though flight and camera controls can be controlled by one person, sometimes you need to concentrate on just one thing to help get the quality of results you are after. PlexiHub CS has Dual Operator Modes, meaning one operator can control PlexiDrone’s flight while another operator with another PlexiHub CS controller can control strictly the camera.


Dual Operator Mode B: Pilot Instructor + Student Pilot

Dual Operator Modes also helps with teaching others to fly: One “Master” operator can have full control of PlexiDrone, and one (or more) “Student(s)” operator(s) can have limited control to just a few functions (Master-defined). The Master’s input would override the Students’.



PlexiHub CS Purchasing FAQs

Are There Any Bundles that Already Include the PlexiHub CS Controller?

Yes, the PlexiDrone X8 Ultimate bundle includes the PlexiHub CS controller in addition to PlexiDrone X8 and PlexiPack HS.

Is PlexiHub CS Region-Specific?

Yes, depending on where you are located, the PlexiHub CS controller that you buy will need to adhere to the radio broadcasting rules and regulations for that region. For European countries, you will need a Region 1 PlexiHub CS and in North American you will need a Region 2 version.

Can PlexiHub CS be Paired to Multiple PlexiDrones?

Yes, one PlexiHub CS controller can be paired with up to 10 PlexiDrone units plus 1 additional PlexiHub CS. When a second PlexiHub CS is paired this opens up additional features like tandem flight or dedicated camera controls.

What is the Largest Mobile Device Size that PlexiHub CS can Hold?

PlexiHub CS is designed to hold mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) up to the size of an iPad mini:

  • 7.87 in (h) x 5.3 in (w) x 0.28 in (d) weighing 0.69 pounds
  • 200 mm (h) x 134.7 mm (w) x 7.2 mm (d) weighing 312 grams

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 15 cm

Black, White

In the Box

1 x PlexiHub CS, 1 x USB Charger

Battery Type

Rechargeable Lithium Polymer


Long Range 915 MHz (North America) or 868 MHz (Europe)


1 x HDMI Video Out, 1 x Stream to Mobile Device via USB

Mobile Device Compatibility

iOS, Android

Single Operator Mode

Normal Flight, GPS Flight, Custom

Dual Operator Modes

Mode 1: Pilot Operator + Camera Operator, Mode 2: Pilot Teacher + Pilot Student

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