PlexiDrone X8 Detachable Arm Set

$ 149.00

Order a set of 2 (1 Left Rotation, 1 Right Rotation) PlexiDrone X8 Detachable Arms. Simply push in to lock the arms (X4 or X8) in place. No tools required for assembly- just “click” them in! This rugged snap-lock mechanism gives PlexiDrone an unmatched portable form factor. No “Hobby Grade” parts found here! PlexiDrone is designed with high grade electrical connectors intended for use in aerospace and military applications. UL certified, and ready to fly! New motors and propellers were designed specifically for PlexiDrone X4 and X8, and allowed our designers to maximize power, flight time, and efficiency.


Additional information

Weight 700 g
Dimensions 28 × 18 × 14 cm
In the Box

1 x PlexiArm X8 (CCW), 1 x PlexiArm X8 (CW),


Black, White

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