After successfully launching our PlexiDrone Backer shipping program, the DreamQii development team shares details of lessons learned, post-delivery Backer feedback, and Backer-produced PlexiDrone review videos of their received perks. Our DreamQii leadership team also provides a detailed look into the future of PlexiDrone delivery and DreamQii company expansion…read more

PlexiDrone Campaign Backers begin to receive perks and share their experience!

This is a beautiful piece of well thought out, designed and manufactured technology…I am so happy to be at the receiving end of the DreamQii team’s hard work, determination to create something special and wonderful attention to detail.

Eric M.
PlexiDrone Backer
United Kingdom

…the DreamQii box [packaging], both inside and out, looks and feels great, and very premium.


…the genius small foam inserts around the box keep the packaging minimal (you should give Amazon some tips) and it is very well protected…There is no damage or signs of excessive wear on the box, it’s in pretty much ‘mint’ condition.

Nick M.
PlexiDrone Backer
United Kingdom

The redundancy will be appreciated in the field. Also the positive contact area on the load terminals are impressive. Should allow the motors to easily deliver full power in all situations… Great work!

Terry D.
PlexiDrone Backer
United States

Shipping Program Status

DreamQii began shipping campaign perks to PlexiDrone campaign Backers in May 2018. Backers were selected for this shipping program based on their geographic location, their expertise, and their willingness to provide DreamQii with feedback about their overall shipping experience.

This shipping program will continue through phases scheduled to align with production rate changes, DreamQii company expansion, product certification approvals, and the completion of intellectual property filings (just to name a few).

Shipping Challenges

DreamQii’s shipping program is designed to address the following challenges and manage production rates accordingly:

  • Adherence to export control regulations to 90+ countries
  • Minimizing border delays & fees that vary with possible package declaration options
  • Minimizing import duty feeds to backers
  • Minimizing overall shipping cost
  • In-progress intellectual property (IP) filings
  • DreamQii company expansion (ongoing)

What’s the Solution?

Deliver smaller perk packages first to minimize capital expenditure on solving shipping challenges. Perks scheduled for inclusion in this delivery phase are:

How are Backers Selected?

Backers scheduled to receive PlexiDrone perks in this shipping phase one are selected based on items such as, their residence in regions where the majority of backers reside, and where the highest identified risks to unexpected shipping and import costs. Backers were also selected based on their willingness to protect DreamQii intellectual property, press embargos, and overall competitive advantage via specialized Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs).

Backers Continue Receiving Perks

PlexiDrone campaign backers will continue to receive perk items scheduled in phase 1 of our shipping program. DreamQii’s customer support staff are reaching out to backers to provide details of what perks will be shipped, tracking information, and any documentation that requires review and approval. DreamQii then maintains communication with these backers post-delivery in order to gather important information about their experience. Phase 1 of our shipping program is scheduled to end in August-September 2018 with delivery of PlexiPack HS perks.

Shipping Timeline: Click here for an overview of planned shipping timelines, production status, and overall company status for DreamQii Inc.

Supporting PlexiDrone Production Rates

PlexiDrone is a complex product with thousands of components to manage. Everything from capacitors to injection-molded components has to be continuously managed for procurement. Our DreamQii production team has established partnerships with component vendors and contract manufacturers to take over the management of the bill of materials (BOM) at the component level and assembly level. This allows our team to focus on production process refinement and quality assurance as we move through our production ramps and shipping program.

Production Details: Click here for an overview of planned production rates and DreamQii company status.

DreamQii Expansion & Customer Support

Supporting the entry into service of thousands of PlexiDrone units requires a team of professionals to support our customers, liaise with manufacturing, and attain our business development goals. For DreamQii, this means growing our team and scaling our infrastructure to meet the demand of our entry into service Backers and customers. Part of this work means creating and curating content to improve our customer support experience, and readily help each customer use PlexiDrone to its maximum potential. An example of this work includes branded customer support videos to guide users through key usage scenarios of the PlexiDrone product line.

DreamQii Expansion: Click here for an overview of DreamQii company expansion plans already underway. To view our customer support PlexiDrone Review videos check out our PlexiDrone,  DreamQii, and PlexiDrone Support YouTube Channels.

Need More Information?

Our DreamQii Inc. leadership team regularly provides internal updates on overall company status. Everything from procurement to legal matters,  and company expansion plans are reviewed and assessed. DreamQii Inc. would like to share one of those updates with our PlexiDrone Backers in the spirit of transparency. Our aim was to provide Backers with tangible details, while protecting the value and investment put into DreamQii Inc. and the PlexiDrone product line.

DreamQii Inc. & PlexiDrone Status Update: Click here.

DreamQii is expanding existing web services & protecting customer data

Expanding DreamQii’s Cloud Infrastructure

DreamQii is currently expanding its infrastructure to allow web service delivery to all PlexiDrone Cloud users worldwide. This expansion includes the transfer of all web applications for PlexiDrone remote telemetry and control to a scalable web server framework and data center. A significant portion of DreamQii’s current expansion activities focus on assuring the availability and security of this service for current and future product lines.

Protecting Your Data

DreamQii is dedicated to the protection and security of your user data and intellectual property. Our PlexiDrone development team has a mandate to do everything within our means to safeguard digital information transmitted and used by our customers across all product lines. This includes the transmission of digital information via e-mail. To that effect, we would like to provide our Backers with our statement regarding an e-mail received by PlexiDrone Backers on July 2, 2018 (click here to download PDF).

PlexiDrone Reviews: Perk Unboxing

PlexiDrone campaign Backer Terry D. is an avid technophile with a background in engineering. Terry asked for permission to post his own unboxing review of the first perk package he received. His industry experience made him a good candidate to provide us with feedback regarding the overall mechanical and electrical design of our product. This was his first “Unboxing” video. For more of Terry’s product reviews and teardowns, check out his new YouTube channel, and remember to like and subscribe!

PlexiDrone Reviews: Detachable Arms Teardown

Terry followed up his original video by asking to post a tear-down of PlexiDrone’s Detachable Arms. In this video Terry goes over his impressions on the overall design features inside and outside of PlexiDrone’s Detachable Arms.  Since posting this video, Terry has has made plans to do a little destructive testing. Our DreamQii customer support team was happy to supply him with the parts needed to make it happen.

A big thanks goes out to Terry and all Backers that have provided DreamQii with invaluable feedback!

Our commitment to provide Backers with regular updates and address important questions.

Is PlexiDrone Still Competitive?

PlexiDrone’s key design features are unique in the drone marketplace. For example, a portable and fully modular drone has many advantages over a drone design that is just portable (or foldable). This is especially true when considering the amount of power packed into your PlexiDrone X8. In our next series of updates DreamQii will explain and showcase / review PlexiDrone‘s market-leading design features. We know this is a very important question to address with our community of backers, and we look forward to showing off PlexiDrone design features and options…

Until then, check out this video showcasing just a few features of the PlexiDrone Smart Battery and PlexiDrone’s overall user experience. Remember to subscribe in order to get the latest PlexiDrone “How to” guides and feature updates!

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