This PlexiDrone review covers updates on manufacturing and previously unannounced features. DreamQii’s commitment to becoming a market leader in a noisy drone marketplace required sound strategy and forward thinking. This led DreamQii to develop features and services that are ahead of what is being offered in the commercial and retail…read more

DreamQii’s Manufacturing Process is Focused on Quality

PlexiDrone Manufacturing Update

In our last update we showcased some of the facilities where PlexiDrone is being manufactured. We received a lot of interest over exactly what some of that equipment is and how it produces PlexiDrone parts. So, we have included images right off the PlexiDrone production line for your viewing pleasure! Watch out, seems like those PlexiDrone PCBs are hot out of the oven!

Unannounced features to set the stage for PlexiDrone’s target market

Designed to Lead a Market

Competing in the noisy drone market place means carefully selecting underserved market segments. As such, DreamQii targeted market segments that would benefit from the unmatched safetyreliability, and maintainability of PlexiDrone X8. As drone regulations for commercial use continue to evolve, features like data encryption, real-time dashboards, and the ability to safely tolerate failures are key to the future of any commercial drone product. Over the coming weeks you can expect DreamQii to release details that position PlexiDrone as a market leader in servicing key industries.

Payload System Like No Other

One of the key elements to PlexiDrone’s market success is in its modular payload system. DreamQii has developed this system as the ultimate expansion of capability for the product line. With built-in WiFi and First Person View (FPV), a user can attach any camera like the GoPro Hero 3,4,5, GoPro Session, Sony RX100 II/III/IV/V. Furthermore, this allows PlexiDrone pilots to take full control of advanced camera functions like ISO settings, still shots, digital zoom, optical zoom, and much more.

However, the usefulness of PlexiDrone’s unique payload system for commercial applications is what brings our customers the greatest value. A modular payload system to which any number of sensors and/or custom payloads can be added. Most noteworthy, this can be done as easily as you can program an Arduino or more professional hardware.

PlexiDrone X4 vs. PlexiDrone X8 Full Performance Review!

The PlexiDrone X8 has driven some amazing interest from the B2B market! As such, we think its time to release a full point by point comparison of the PlexiDrone X4 vs. PlexiDrone X8. There simply isn’t another drone platform in its class that matches the PlexiDrone X8’s 6000 grams of thrust, extreme portability, and the safety of 8 rotors. This will include top speed, max weight, camera capabilities, and much more! Want to see a specific item compared between the two? Send us a support request with your question and we’ll add it to mix!


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Bonus PlexiDrone Quick Clip!

Just a quick clip received from a DreamQii intern! We often find little videos taken during the early days of testing. So, rather than have the clips go to waste, here a first quick clip of PlexiDrone comparing its maneuverability to that of an Inspire! While these clips are sometimes a little zany, they’re a glimpse into the story behind PlexiDrone’s ground-up development and our team.

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