DreamQii has secured contracts with manufacturing partners that consequently enable the PlexiDrone production at facilities located in the US, Canada, Taiwan, and China. With state-of-the-art facilities, equipment, and personnel, DreamQii moves PlexiDrone into final stages of product certification before shipping worldwide and establishing a PlexiDrone release date for…

DreamQii Secures Manufacturing Contracts & Facilities

Upgrading Production Capabilities

DreamQii has conducted short run PlexiDrone production for the last 16 months. Due to the increasing volume of orders, DreamQii had to secure production partners with a demonstrated ability to produce high quality, high volume, and high-tech commercial goods. Furthermore, this allows DreamQii to achieve production rates that support backers, retailers, and B2B customers. As a result, DreamQii is now able to secure a key PlexiDrone release date for final product certifications.

After lengthy contract negotiations, the selection process for primary manufacturing partners has been completed. This gives DreamQii the ability to produce PlexiDrone in North America and abroad. This is critical for competing in the retail and industrial drone marketplace. DreamQii’s PlexiDrone manufacturing partner will be formally announced via press release in January 2018.

Validating Safety & Reliability

Maximum Quality at Full Speed

DreamQii has put a strong emphasis on product quality, safety, and the overall ruggedness of the PlexiDrone product-line. Our industrial customers demand the highest degree of safety and performance that only the PlexiDrone X8 can deliver.

After selecting our manufacturing partners, it was imperative to transfer the production of key hardware and sub-assemblies to their control. This allowed DreamQii and its manufacturing partners to begin refining  production processes in order to meet the quality and performance standards of our B2B clients.

With quality assured parts received, and trust in the results of our manufacturing processes, DreamQii and its partners are now able to focus on making key decisions with respect to where (at which facility) each PlexiDrone sub-assembly will be produced. The North American manufacturing facilities lines will be used for all initial high volume production runs.

FCC, CE, RoHS, REACH, & more

Certifications Prior to PlexiDrone Release Date

Delivering to more than 90 countries means adhering to international sipping and trade regulations. Thus must be done before the PlexiDrone release date. Especially relevant are requirements for radio emissions, safe transportation, and general product safety.

DreamQii is working with manufacturing partners, and independent testing, inspection, and auditing companies like TÜV SÜD, to assure compliance with these standards. Timelines for gaining these approvals are summarized in following sections.  However, the basic product specs needed to gain approval are already met. This is a result of work done to cater to industry regulations early in PlexiDrone’s conceptual design phase.

Cells & Battery

PlexiDrone uses custom battery cell technology not used on any other product currently available. As a result, these cells must now pass international safety standard IEC62133. This is standard was created by the International Electrotechnical Commission for batteries containing alkaline or other non-acid electrolytes.

This process will take 4-6 weeks to complete and begins January 2, 2018. This certification standard is similar to UL 2054, which is also especially relevant to batteries.

Transportation of Goods

In addition to cell level certifications, OEMs must comply with certification standard UN38.3. Which is especially relevant and required to ship large quantities of goods that use high energy density batteries

UN38.3 certification is a prerequisite of the UPS shipping gateway used by DreamQii to distribute PlexiDrone worldwide.  Consequently, this certification will also take place in sequence with the IEC621333 certification process in early January 2018.

Assembly Level

Since final production parts are continuously arriving from our manufacturing partners, DreamQii can complete high-level FCC, CE, &  EN/CSA-60950 certifications required for shipping.

Furthermore, these final-stage certifications allow DreamQii to receive guidance on improving product safety. This is because basic functional and abuse cases of the end product will be reviewed. Therefore, companies like TuV SuD can issue guidance on which warning labels, icons, or instructions must be provided.


Shipping Updates

With shipping volumes and customer orders in constant flux, DreamQii is responsible for assuring accurate orders and shipping details for each end user before the PlexiDrone release date.

As such, DreamQii will be rolling out an automated shipping system from January 15th, 2018 to February 9th, 2018. This system will freeze orders, confirm identities, contact information, final shipping fees (if any), and shipping destinations for every order.

Contribution Refunds

DreamQii is committed to fulfilling many thousands of orders in 2018 to clients in a wide range of marketplaces after the PlexiDrone release date.

As such, an automated and secure method for requesting refunds and/or exchanges will be implemented for early backers of the PlexiDrone campaign over a limited period of time in February 2018. This will be the final instance to request a refund before orders are shipped.

Customer Support Updates

Customer support staff and content creators have been busy improving our systems so that they can manage the influx of active PlexiDrone users.

This includes the publication of instructional videos and support articles for every PlexiDrone feature. Support articles, videos, and certification documents will be available at support.dreamqii.com in the first quarter 2018 to coincide with the PlexiDrone release date announcement.


2018 Year of the PlexiDrone!

DreamQii’s PlexiDrone development team wishes you and your loved ones a happy holiday season and prosperous new year! As DreamQii expands its operations into industrial market places, we are eternally thankful for the contributions and support that our earliest backers provided to help launch this company. It has been a challenging road, but what lays ahead is more exciting than the path behind us.

Since our launch, our team has been blessed with the opportunity to work on cutting edge technology and overcome challenges that secure our future for many years to come. We thank you for the journey, and we look forward to everything that we will build together.


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