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PlexiDrone Goes 360°

A New Perspective with PlexiDrone PlexiDrone's industry-leading quick release payload clip allows you to fly with almost any of the recently released 360° view cameras.  This is not possible for camera drones with proprietary cameras and closed payload systems....

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Safety Features: Real World Testing

Plexi Flying in the Real World Validating our PlexiDrone product line means testing out how our intended designs actually perform under normal circumstances and abuse cases.  This means that at some point, Plexi had to leave the lab, test chamber, and controlled...

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Calling all Developers!

PlexiDrone Developer Community! Designed for you to exchange ideas, development files, open source projects and tips! Interested? Here's an application. PlexiDrone Dev. Page & Group DreamQii has recently created pages geared specifically towards PlexiDrone developers...

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PlexiPack Take-off & PlexiArm Endurance

PlexiPack patterns have been sent to the manufacturer! Ready to travel whenever you are, to take on your next adventure. We can’t wait to see you guys sporting the most covetable drone case yet. After quality control testing, the team is happy to report our detachable...

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