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PlexiDrone’s High Volume Production

After building a batch of production quality units, we focused on refining manufacturing processes to support increased production rates, and reducing cost, without compromising quality.  In concert with our manufacturing partners, we have accomplished this for PlexiDrone’s plastics, electronics, and sub-assemblies. Solutions to the procurement issues described in our last update have been overcome, validated, and productionized. Getting a product ready for high volume production requires attention to little details that have major impacts on the end product, our customers, and our business…

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PlexiDrone Delivery Update

This month saw backers getting their first hands-on experience with PlexiDrone. We also saw detailed reveals of the PlexiDrone un-boxing experience, and the PlexiPack’s unmatched portability. So what’s next? Getting PlexiDrone in everyone else’s hands of course!

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PlexiDrone Delivery

…we made one of the most difficult choices we’ve had to make. We decided to hold true to the ideals that drove us to launch the PlexiDrone campaign in the first place. We challenged ourselves to build lasting value by mastering what it truly means to design, manufacture, and deliver a market leading product.

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PlexiDrone Goes 360°

A New Perspective with PlexiDrone PlexiDrone's industry-leading quick release payload clip allows you to fly with almost any of the recently released 360° view cameras.  This is not possible for camera drones with proprietary cameras and closed payload systems....

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