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We believe that technology should not only be functional, but that it must represent the elegance and simplicity we all aspire to achieve.  To this effect, we simplify, improve, and innovate new technologies with intense focus on function and form.   This creative focus results in products that enhance our customers’ capabilities without compromising the true potential of new technologies.

What Drove Our Development Decisions?

PlexiDrone Product Readiness

We could have delivered PlexiDrone B1.0 earlier, at lower cost (to our company), and with lower risk.  Doing so would have been great for our short term gain, but it would have resulted in the end of our business by delivering a novelty rather than a robust, useful, and market leading product.  Doing so would have gone against our core beliefs and the spirit of what it means to back a crowd-funding campaign.

Building Lasting Value

So we made one of the most difficult choices we’ve had to make. We decided to hold true to the ideals that drove us to launch the PlexiDrone campaign in the first place.  We challenged ourselves to build lasting value by mastering what it truly means to design, manufacture, and deliver a market leading product.

PlexiDrone Development History

The video below is an ultra-condensed 2 minute and 37 second summary of the creativity, discipline, and dedication our team has to building real value into your PlexiDrone.


Mastering Manufacturing

Leading Edge Materials & Electronics

PlexiDrone is comprised of advanced composite materials, fiber reinforced plastics, and various advanced electronic systems.  There is much more to delivering this type of product than achieving our goals for PlexiDrone’s features, functions, user experience, and industrial design.  Bringing all of these components and systems to market means adhering to hard sets of industry design standards for assembly and manufacturing.

Assuring Manufacturability, Quality, & Performance

Skipping over all of the market research, competitor analysis,  etc. Let’s assume that we start with a design candidate that’s already been prototyped and has demonstrated viability.  From there, our design and development team must assure that every aspect of our design (from plastics & fasteners to GPS systems and firmware) is validated with detailed engineering models, rigorous testing, peer review, and ultimately passing design for manufacturability inspection within our company and by external partners.

Market Readiness

We are happy to say that these are challenges that our PlexiDrone development has overcome.   We have completed work that has given our team the knowledge and experience to bring PlexiDrone and future products to market.  Except next time a hell of a lot faster.   The following is just a short list of the PlexiDrone items that meet these standards and are ready to bring to market.

Whats Next for PlexiDrone?

Assure Quality, Certify, & Deliver.

DreamQii Facilities Built to Ensure Quality

Over the past 4 months DreamQii has been focused on moving into and renovating new facilities that support our needs for production and company growth.  This includes dedicated quality control test chambers with equipment designed to speed up and improve production as well as space for our team to grow.

The Logistics of Delivering to 96 Countries

With sales in over 96 countries (and growing), PlexiDrone has become a worldwide product with the customer support needs to match.  We are focused on continuously improving our support systems, and the next step is integrating them with our shipping systems to customers, retailers, distributors, our vendors, and manufacturing partners.

Final Certifications

All products are subject to consumer standards for safety & quality. PlexiDrone is no exception.  We are currently in the process of addressing the following certification requirements:


  • FCC (Radio Colocation for EMC Compliance)
  • CE Comformity
  • ROHS Compliance
  • CSA Compliance
  • Apple MFI (potentially avoided, with compliance achieved)

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