In this update we share insights from recent marketing studies of DreamQii’s community of PlexiDrone Backers. We also review the status of the PlexiDrone shipping program and also request your feedback on our latest customer support improvements and product training videos. Interested in receiving a Google Chromebook for your feedback? …read more

Backer support + rebellious ideas = exciting new technology.

Understanding Our Backers

Web traffic stats, audience analysis, social media trends, Google analytics, and many other sources keep telling our team the same story about our Backers. PlexiDrone Backers tend to have creative and rebellious personalities. They are likely to be early adopters of new technologies, and anticipate market trends.

Consequently those personality traits tend to foster innovation, and they have very likely attracted you to support our team of entrepreneurs & designers. While these insights help achieve our business goals, they evoked sincere appreciation for the people that have become our Backers. You supported our team’s rebellious ideas and sparked the creation of exciting new technology. For that (and many other reasons), we will always be thankful!

…the unboxing experience is top notch. Awesome work on that. It’s on par with an Apple product in that aspect.

…It looks very high-end. Apple has a weird phenomenon where you never want to throw away the packaging, and this feels exactly like that. It conveys the feeling of value beyond the product contained therein.

Ryan Eaves
PlexiDrone Backer
Colorado, USA

Backer Shipping Program Update 

Our DreamQii customer support team keeps in touch with PlexiDrone Backers throughout the entire shipping process. The images of PlexiDrone Detachable Arms shown below were taken by backers eager to share their experience.

Our current shipping program will conclude in October with deliveries of the PlexiPack HS and PlexiPack SC. With sufficient shipping data collected, our customer support team expects that general account updates and personalized shipping information will be rolled out to Backers from August to September 2018.

…and DreamQii is expanding to match.

Expanding For Delivery Increase!

Delivering PlexiDrone Perks to a greater number of Backers means being ready to provide adequate customer support and access to PlexiDrone Cloud services. As mentioned in PlexiDrone Update #99, DreamQii is continuing our work to expand office space and improve networking infrastructure to meet the needs of our customers as PlexiDrone completes full entry into service.

The expansion work is ongoing, but includes the procurement of additional office space, staff in various departments, and equipage to enhance performance of our PlexiDrone Cloud services. Below are images from some of the expansion work so far!

We want your feedback and we want you to BE READY for Plexi.

Your Feedback Creates Better Products!

Winning a free Google Chromebook is easy. Watch videos, tell us what you think, subscribe, and stay connected to the latest on PlexiDrone news! At the end of September 3, 2018 DreamQii will hold a draw and send a free Google Chromebook to a Backer who has followed all of the instructions below!

We want our PlexiDrone Backers to stay connected to PlexiDrone’s development story. We also want our Backers to be well informed about PlexiDrone features via DreamQii’s latest series of PlexiDrone video tutorials.

Google Chromebooks are courtesy of Google Inc. as part of a previous collaboration for Development of PlexiDrone Cloud Services services.

Step 1 | Very simple to start, just watch the 2 new PlexiDrone customer support videos below. Remember, DreamQii wants your feedback so we can improve future content!
Step 2 | Subscribe to the channel to make sure you stay up to date with the latest PlexiDrone How to Videos and feature explainers!
Step 3 | Tell us what you think about the PlexiDrone features shown in the video, leave us questions about the video, or suggest how our team can improve future PlexiDrone tutorials!
Optional | of course it’s completely up to you! But, if you liked the video please leave a thumbs up!

How to Easily Upgrade to PlexiDrone X8

Benefits of PlexiDrone’s Fully Detachable Arms

PlexiDrone X8 can carry 40% more weight than PlexiDrone X4. DreamQii’s PlexiDrone X8 variation also provides 30% more flight time than the X4 primarily because it requires a much lower throttle setting to hover in place.

With the added motors and propellers, DreamQii’s PlexiDrone X8 has the ability to keep flying and land safely even when experiencing motor and/or propeller damage. Additional benefits of the X8 include the ability to fly smoothly in stronger winds!

Upgrading to PlexiDrone X8 requires no tools, no software updates, and less than 1 minute to complete. Learn more by watching this PlexiDrone video feature review and tutorial.

Replacing PlexiDrone Propellers & Arms

Benefits of PlexiDrone’s Fully Detachable Arms

Even the slightest damage to the propellers, motors, or plastics of a camera drone can mean the end of your flight day. That kind of damage means some serious expert repair work, or a complete replacement of your expensive camera drone.

With PlexiDrone, propeller damage, or even significant damage to motors and plastics can be quickly repaired. You also avoid the cost of replacing the entire camera drone, and you save the time it would take to send other camera drones in for repair.

Simply click in one of your new PlexiDrone Detachable Arms, with to tools, no software, and no expert drone repair staff required. Then let PlexiDrone do the rest while you focus on flying and filming!

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