Making of PlexiDrone: A Thank-You to Backers!

Jan 11, 2017

Realization of our PlexiDrone product-line is founded on the support of our growing community of backers worldwide.  We could not have realized our vision without the initial support and excitement you shared for PlexiDrone.  You are an ever-present part of our story. For this reason, we’ve dedicated our latest video to revealing some of what your contributions and support made possible.  Please share the video below and don’t be shy to let people know that you contributed to making it happen.

Development Story Update

As campaign owners and backers, we share in the challenges, setbacks, and success stories of this journey.  We hope that through this video you gain insight to a part of our story that you have always been a part of.  We hope that you also catch a glimpse of the passion, dedication, and creativity that our team and backers poured into making DreamQii and the PlexiDrone product line a reality.

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Our New Offices for Production

Eventually every kid grows up and has to move out of their parents’ basement.  Businesses are no different, and as PlexiDrone nears delivery, our team and our business continue to grow.  To support delivery we’ve moved into new facilities with the infrastructure to support large volume shipments, warehouse space, batch testing for improved quality control, and significant growth.   It has been no small task, but we’re nearly back to full operation as we complete the move-in process and prepare for the next major milestone in our path (putting PlexiDrone in your hands)

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