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About DreamQii Inc

Our Mission

We believe that emerging technologies can be simplified and molded to fit your life. We believe that achieving true simplicty removes barriers to new technology adoption, and maximizes usefullness without compromising function.

Our challenge is to simplify the complex and design products that enhance your capabilities and provoke your desire to create.

PlexiDrone was brought to life with a focus on these beliefs. Designed to fit your lifestyle with unmatched portability, safety, ease of use, and the most raw power in its class.

Our Team

Innovators, designers, engineers, influencers, leaders, and those genuinely motivated to bring their ideas to life. We embrace the challenge of developing new technologies and bringing captivating products to market.

Are you ever so excited by new ideas that you can’t sleep? Are you driven by the need to learn and create? Do you want to be the best at what you do, and do you like coffee?  Join our team, we’re hiring

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